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The task

Whether you were in complete lockdown or not, grateful to have time for yourself or feeling stuck and restricted, we were all affected in one way or another by the pandemic during these last months. In this task we are asking you to reflect on the time before, and during COVID-19, and where you are now. How has it affected you and your way of expressing yourself, and how do you feel about things today. In this task there is no wrong, any genuine expression is right!

Please find the upload button and the technical information for filming at the bottom of this page.

The task works in 5 categories. Read them through and make a choice for each category.

Tip: go with your initial thought!

How does the task work?

The task works in 5 categories. Read them through and make a choice for each category.

The Person represents the person you spent the most time with during the past months. example: they could be a partner, a roommate, a parent, whomever! 

The Space has two subcategories:

a) the space you spent the most time in during the past months.
example: maybe it was your kitchen, maybe the yard, maybe your bed? 

b) the space you missed the most during the past months.
example: where do you wish you were? A beautiful beach, a busy library?

These are the observations you made. The Senses has two subcategories:

a) the sounds of your space. This is for both spaces, 2a and 2b.
example: when you imagine the spaces mentioned above, what do you hear? Is it the sound of the wind, or maybe someone snoring?

b) an event you witnessed that stuck with you. This could be anything you saw or heard, your memory of that experience.
example: A catfight on the roof of your building, or a drunken man on the street? 

This one is you and your perception of yourself. How has this time changed/affected you? This category is the only one with a set amount of movements. ME has three subcategories, namely:

a) me before (3 movements)

b) me during (3 movements)

c) me now (3 movements)

Sometimes we have thoughts we don’t dare to share. This one's for you and one of those --thoughts. Put it in movement and leave it on this tape. Don’t worry, it will be our secret...

Now what?

After you have read these categories take a moment to see what resonates with you. How do they fit you and your story? Make a choice according to your experience and your personal interpretation of these themes.

And remember! What you make doesn’t have to be “beautiful” or “dance looking”. We want you to reflect your own experience through movement. And movement is anything from breathing, walking, jumping to moving your pinky. Any genuine expressions is equally valuable to this project. Will you share your story with us?

When you have a made choice for the categories, you can start composing your phrase. The length of your phrase should be 1-2 minutes, the maximum length is 3 minutes.

Order of the phrase

The only thing that is common for everyone is the set structure of your movement phrase. The structure has 15 steps. Read through them and build your phrase.

1. The space you missed the most (2b)
2. The sounds of the space you missed the most (3a:2b)
3. The person (1)
4. The space you spent the most time in (2a)
5. Me, during (4b)
6. The sounds of the space you spent most time in (3a: 2a)
7. Me, before (4a)
8. The event (3b)
9. Me, now (4c)
10. The secret (5)
11. Me, before (4a)
12. Me, during (4b)
13. Me, now (4c)
14. REPEAT steps 11, 12, 13
15. Find an ending

That’s it. Now, let’s film it! Check out the technical information below. 

Once you are done composing your phrase, film yourself in any place of your choosing. Please film according to this technical info so your video can be added to the movement chain:

• Maximum length for your the video is 3 minutes.

Attention: Please film your video with your phone and film it horizontally! Vertical video's
will not be merged with the chain and will be deleted.

• The maximum quality for your video size is 720p with 30fps. You can set this from your phone’s camera settings: here’s instructions for iPhone and here for Android.

• The video chain has music playing in the background. You can use your own music when creating your video but after uploading, all sound from your video will be automatically removed.

• Once you’re done, upload your video and it will be added to the movement chain shortly after!

The Broken Phone Project is a movement archive of a global story. Thank YOU for bringing it to life!