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About the project

“The Broken Phone Project” is a global story told by individual movement languages.

A story about (mis)communication.
A story about connection.
A story about change.

Dance Film

Created by choreographer Sara Europaeus, it is a dance project that aims to reflect the time of self-isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It investigates the changes it has created, specifically in our movement language and choice of expression, connecting a group of international, Netherlands-based, dance artists together in this exploration. The project is based on an improvisation movement task. The task is transmitted through a chain of dance artists following the idea of the game “Chinese whispers”. The dancers are invited to interpret this task using their personal movement language and are encouraged to investigate and incorporate how their personal movement preferences and mannerisms have been affected by the circumstances during the pandemic. In the film, we capture 10 unique stories of the same experience.

Movement Archive

The project is also a video platform to which we invite anyone to upload their own interpretation, creating a chain of different implementations of the same task used in the dance film. All incoming videos are uploaded without editing, keeping the interpretation authentic and all participants' implementations equal. The chain in itself is an artwork, which we intend to present to more audiences in the future. By participating, you become a part of this collective artwork.

An unlimited movement archive that aims to:

  • Generate an opportunity to get involved in an artistic creation from your home
  • Create and enhance individual and collective inspiration
  • Evoke a feeling of hope, a sense of belonging, arising of community
  • Equally value and give attention to everyone’s creativity and input
  • Blend the artistic world with other individuals
  • Increase feelings of valuing diversity and acceptance
  • Create a sense of connection and communication around the world which is not limited by language, culture, ethnicity, age, race, or gender.

We want this project to serve as a global database of an expression of this time.

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Choreographer &Creator

Sara Europaeus

Production & Project Management

Athina Liakopoulou

Director of Photography

Niels Lockhorst, On-Lock Films


Alexandros Daniilidis ´Red Sparrow’ & Melissa Schriek

Visual direction & Overview

Fien Lute

Web Development

Sjors Lockhorst & Stefan van der Weide

Helping Hands

Christina Mastori, Nicky van der Eem, Lin An Phoa & Daniel Ibarbo

The project is made possible with the support of Amarte Fonds